World Highest Railway Point

Railway system expending fast to try to connect every location to provide it’s best services. And some achieved it’s the highest elevation of the country. In this article, we present some Railway Point, those are received the honor of World Highest Railway Point ever.

Tanggula Railway Point
Tanggula Railway Point


The Tanggula railway station which is located in Amdo County, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. With one main platform and another one very short sub-platform, the station holds
three tracks and the station is 1.25 kilometers long.
In 2006, on 1st July Tanggula railway station was opened for services. The Tanggula station is located 5,068 meters which are 16,627 ft above the sea level, which holds the highest railway station in the world.

Ticlio Railway Point


Ticlio, is another highest railway point in the world, which is located in Peru.

The Ticlio station in 1893 was opened for services. And the station is located at 15,843 ft above the sea level.

Condor Railway Station

Condor Railway Point

Condor railway station is the another most height and oldest railway point in the world.

The station is located at
4,786 m above the sea level.

Jungfraujoch Railway station


An underground railway station in Europe country is Jungfraujoch Railway station is the another highest railway station in the world, which is located at 3,454 meters (11,332 ft) above sea level.

The station is served by trains of the Jungfrau railway, which run from Kleine Scheidegg.

Asmara Railway Station
Asmara Railway Station


The railway was built by the Italians to connect the city of Asmara and Italian Massawa between 1887 and 1932. This oldest railway is another world’s highest railway point.

During World War II, the railway was damaged.Asmara Railway point is at 2,394 m above the sea level.

Ghum Railway Point


Ghum railway point is located in the Darjeeling Himalayan hill region of West Bengal, India is the highest railway station in India, which is situated at an altitude of 2,258 meters.

During 1891 the station was built. Ghum, one of the most beautiful railway tracks in the world, Close to Darjeeling. Which is India’s highest railway station, and 14th highest railway point in the World.

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